Mother-Daughter Store

Mother-Daughter Store

With lots of LOVE by US!

Passion is everything! 
Hearing my daughter have an interest in something like selling her jewelry, got me so fired up I decided a website would be a great opportunity, over just asking friends, and family, if they want to support her jewelry creations.
I was not sure where to start but I knew I needed to start somewhere.  Just knowing that my daughter has a desire to create instead of just being a hormonal teenager, uninterested in anything gave me clarity that as her mother and #1 fan I want this for her.

I had no clue on where to start because I have never had an online store before. However, I have a financial education business that I have been doing for 6 years, and I understand, that if there’s passion, and your why is big enough, we can do this!

I searched on google and youtube to try to find out how we can start an online store.  Once I found out how to start an online store, I bought our website domain.  I also found a company in New York who creates LOGOS.   
The company who created our LOGO gave us lots of choices to chose from but we had to choose one.  We both chose the LOGO of our faces infused together, as a ONELINE face art.

I love the time spent with Malani creating this website together!  Being able to do an online store together has helped us grow individually by allowing us both to create the things we love together. 

Why do we have lots of Crystal jewelry products?

       My little sister, Lina started buying me crystals when I was diagnosed with cancer.  She bought me a Amethyst Geode for the entry of my house to protect and cleanse and bought me a Clear quartz crystal necklace to help me heal and absorb any bad energy during chemo.  Regardless of others not believing in the energy vibrations that crystals give it gave me hope when I needed it. 

I wanted to go back and look at old pictures of when I was in the hospital and I found that my crystal was actually Smokey quartz.  Atleast that is what it looks like to me having more knowledge on crystals.  But I know for sure my crystal was lighter in color with no cracks when I first got it as a gift.  Below is a picture from January 2011

Since then I started to love collecting lots of crystals and Malani has always loved arts and crafts!  What best way can we express our creations than to infuse my love of crystals and Malanis love of arts and crafts! 

This is US and this is OUR store!  I hope you can see the passion in all that we do including the other journeys that I have embarked on with Bariatric Surgery!  Lots of PASSION in this store!  Thank you for your SUPPORT!  We love you Malani Family!

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